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    No way josh smith deserves a max deal. And i don't think any GM will be stupid enough to do this. Every stat of his has basically regressed from last year, not to mention he's shooting 59% FT.
    because he is still relatively young (27), an excellent defender, excellent passer I can realistically see a GM offering him max, what else are they going to do with the capspace and lack of big names availible this summer? Like I said it's a clear overpay, and part of the reason is because I don't think toronto is one of j smooves preferred destinations this offseason, but I think it would move us into the upper echelon in the east and it would be worth it. We could be okc lite, with a more balanced team.

    lowry (westbrook lite)
    ross (potential to be an elite defender, more offensive tools than seflosha)
    rudy gay (durant lite)
    josh smith (better than ibaka)
    Valanciunas (better than perkins)

    notice how all players are above average defensively.
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