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  • Jonas Valanciunas

    31 62.00%
  • Enes Kanter

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  • Only time will tell

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  • Who cares? JV is a Raptor!

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Thread: Jonas Valanciunas or Enes Kanter? (Poll added)

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    I don't know enough about Kanter to vote here, but I clicked "view results" so I could see the hilarious, homer-tastic overvaluing of JV... I was not disappointed.

    But really, why are we even putting this poll up? People here would rather have JV than James freakin Harden.

    This poll means nothing except that Raps fans are in love with JV. If we are trying to measure just how much JV is beloved/overvalued on this forum, a more interesting poll would be "who would you rather have?" JV vs Dwight, or JV vs Bosh, or JV vs Dirk. I still think people would vote JV over thse proven all-nba talents.
    Generally I agree with you, because I am such a person who essentially will not trade JV away.

    But that aside, and I haven't even voted here (until now) because I don't think it's much of a debate.

    I like Kanter. He has very good skills near the bucket and a nice touch in general. Every time I see him play though, he looks a little lazy and slow all around. Scoring and rebounding will never be a problem for him, but I question so-called intangibles, as well as physical aspects that combined with motor, give JV a huge advantage. I see Kanter being an Al Jefferson type player at best....good post scorer and rebounder....but a pretty mediocre defender, who doesn't have great length or speed.

    JV just has many more tools all around, when you also consider the physical and intangible advantages. JV has the skill set, and body-type, to play so many different styles. He is an aggressive player at all times, and he tries hard on D, having made noticeable improvements within the season.

    So basically, if you assume both players would put up something like 20 and 10 (in a best case scenario), then I take JV, because he'll do more other things that both do and don't show up in the boxscore.
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