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Thread: Jason Collins comes out as a homosexual

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    We have the right to ignorant speech though, no?

    EDIT: That being said, I wrote a 600+ words on this on my blog so I'm not going to be as long winded here, rofl. The thing is though, for all the people (like heinz) that say this shouldn't be a big deal, it's true. But the fact remains, the culture that still exists, especially in male pro sports, means it is a big deal. It's true that it shouldn't be a big deal, but we're not at that point yet. Hopefully it won't be a big deal one day but we're going to have to go through a phase where it IS a big deal before we get to the part where it's not a big deal. It's a big deal that athletes don't think they're free to be themselves. It's a big deal that not a single male athlete has come out while still playing. It's not a big deal that Collins is gay - but it is a big deal that he (and any other gay players) doesn't think he can speak about it casually.
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