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another bible fag, I literally hate that type of people.
I just watched the video clip, and I have to say that there is WAY more hatred coming from this page than there was from that clip. What a joke!
The questions were revolving around Brassard's faith. If you can watch that video and tell me that he's in any way a bigot or a jerk, than you should truly check yourself in the mirror. He said it himself, in his worldview that lifestyle is wrong (and he went on to say that hetero sex outside of marriage and drunkenness are all wrong too) but it doesn't change anything on the court. He and Collins were able to get along just fine.. Without agreeing on everything! .. Almost like tolerance (which there is none of in a bunch of these anti Christian posts)
It's like asking a vegetarian if they're uncomfortable playing with people who eat meat.
"No, we talked about it, and I know where he stands and he knows where I stand. This is real tolerance; that we can disagree but still coexist." The commentator than asks, "Can't someone eat meat everyday and still be a vegetarian?" And he responds, "No, if you eat meat everyday than you surely aren't a vegetarian. That goes against the rules of being a vegetarian."

I would even go on to say that it took more courage to do what Broussard did, than it did to do what Collins did. Of course Collins is being applauded! Pro sports has been waiting for this person to rise up for years. Broussard knew that he would have his beliefs ripped on by everyone, and he likely knew it might cost him his job, but he had to answer the question truthfully. Sometimes in our knee jerk reactions we swing the pendulum entirely the other way, but then you've just created ignorance and intolerance of another group. Let's just grow up. If Broussard had of insulted Collins I'd be right on board with you. The fact is, he didn't. He shouldn't lose his job for this. That would be some real intolerance.