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Look at the OP.
Let me start off by saying he is 7 foot 1 and is 24 years old.

Then notice how at every stat for post ups, he is in the top 5 (top 4 ppp, top 2 fg%, top 2 TO in post ups [the good kind of top 2 for TO])

Spencer also shoots 36% from 3
and averages 7 rebounds, 1.4 blks in 27 minutes.

Spencer Hawes is so freaking good its hilarious..
Hawes for Bargs straight up, and we will get ourselves a HUGE steal.

Amir Hawes and Val would be AWESOME. Id almost prefer him over Carlos Boozer
Are you saying it'd be awesome for Spencer Hawes to start alongside Jonas Valanciunas or to be his backup?