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Thread: RR Fantasy Hoops Keeper League - Season 4

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    Default RR Fantasy Hoops Keeper League - Season 4

    G'day Keeper League Owners/Managers!

    Figured now would be as good a time as any to start next seasons Thread for the Keeper League!
    Season 4 already, can you believe it?

    Would like to start out by saying Thank You to Apollo for his dedication to the Leagues in Years past.
    His presence will be missed. However, we couldn't be happier to welcome Tucas to the League as Apollo's official Incumbent owner/manager. Welcome Tucas!

    Just as a reminder, (or quick run-down for Tucas) I'm posting all of the Rules again, so they are fresh and easy to find:
    • Each returning team can use a keeper tag on as many players as they want as long as they fit within the Draft Cap ($30 Cap hit for Regular Keeper). Each player is limited to MAXIMUM TWO Keeper Tags before they must either be Franchise Tagged, Traded, or Released to the Draft Pool.

    • Those returning members will have up to a week prior to the draft to name their keepers. (This is a soft Deadline. It can/will be revised accordingly.)

    • Each team can franchise keeper tag only ONE player ($50 Cap hit for Franchise Keeper). The franchise keeper tag allows you to keep a player for an unlimited amount of time - The catch here is to use the franchise tag again in the future on a different player you must either trade your current franchise player, drop the player or relinquish your rights to the player during the off-season.

    • You can choose to not use a keeper tag or a franchise keeper tag. A player who has been keeper tagged can be franchise tagged later provided you don't have a franchise keeper on roster.

    The Draft Rules
    • Live Auction
    • $200(fantasy dollars) draft salary cap
    • $30 deduction in draft salary cap for each keeper tagged player
    • $50 deduction in draft salary cap for franchise keeper tagged player

    Season 3 Final Standing:
    (The inverse of these standings is the Official Nomination Order for Draft Day)

    1st joey_hesketh
    2nd Soft Euro
    3rd RaptorsFan4Life
    4th Matt52
    6th drizz
    7th WJF
    8th Mack North

    9th Apollo
    10th Raptor4Ever
    11th jbml
    12th Mangokid
    I'd recommend everyone start putting some thought into your Keepers now, so you are not leaving to the last minute. Feel free to announce any keepers now, which you can modify down the road if you decide.
    I'll be keeping track of everyone's keepers here:

    joey_hesketh Keepers - Kevin Durant($30), Chris Paul($30), Paul George($30), Al Horford($30)
    Pakdawgie Keepers - Lebron James($30), Kevin Love($30), Larry Sanders($30), Russell Westbrook($30), Joakim Noah($30)
    Raptorsss Keepers -
    Matt52 Keepers - Josh Smith ($30)
    SKYWALKER Keepers - James Harden ($30), Marc Gasol ($30)
    drizz Keepers - Paul Millsap ($30), Kyrie Irving ($30), Serge Ibaka ($30)
    BALLSWIN Keepers - Stephen Curry ($30), Al Jefferson ($30), Nic Batum ($30), John Wall ($30), Nikola Vucevic ($30), Brook Lopez ($30)
    Mack North Keepers - Jonas Valanciunas($30), Dwyane Wade($50), DeMarcus Cousins ($30)
    Tucas Keepers - Dwight Howard($50), Kobe Bryant($30), Anthony Davis($30)
    Keeping it Real Keepers- Ricky Rubio ($30), Kenneth Faried ($30)
    jbml Keepers - Rajon Rondo($30), Greg Monroe($30), Ty Lawson ($30), Derrick Rose($30), Demar Derozan($30)
    Mangokid Keepers -

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