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Thread: Phil Jackson's Few Moves

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    Default Phil Jackson's Few Moves

    To say a I psychotic, maybe to an extent that I think I know what Phil Jackson's thinking. So if MR.Zen the Phil is hired, as Phil I would pull a move like this.

    1) The Hiring of Phil as our Pres ofcourse.
    2) Phil fires Coach Dwayne Casey but promote him to be our assistant coach, hires Brian Shaw as our head coach
    3) Phil brings a bunch of guys together, assistant coaches, trainers, etc

    Now trades and player movement. For the triangle offense to work, Phil will decide to keep our starting lineup of players with a few minor tweaks

    1) Toronto send Bargs + Landry Fields + Kleiza
    LA send Gasol + S.Blake

    2) Toronto use LLE on Samuel Dalembart

    3) Toronto resigns Alan Anderson for a 1 year contract

    4) Toronto signs Derek Fisher to play cheap for the Raptors, more like provide tutelage for the young Lowry and S.Blake

    5) Raps use MLE on Mike Dunleavy and the rest on a 3rd stringer defender SF like DeMarre Carol or buy a pick and somehow draft DeShaun Thomas in the second round

    Raps Lineups next year
    DeRozan/T.Ross/Alan Andersen
    Gay/M.Dunleavy/D.Carol or D.Thomas

    Phil will give T-Ross another year or maybe before the deadline to see whether DeRozan is a keeper of Ross is a heir to Kobe. Our backcourt are great with Lowry and Blake handling the point. M.Dunleavy is a gonna be a great backup behind Gay as in he can knock down the shot from the 3 point line and capable of starting for this team if Gay or DeRozan is injured. Gasol is aging but I would take him as opposed to Bargs, even if he has to come off the bench, he will contribute positively for this team, him and Amir will do wonders for this team, on some night, Amir and Gasol will play together. We get a veteran backup center in Dalembart who not only can block shot but provide help for the young Val.

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    "If Mr. Zen the Phil is hired..."

    LOL I couldn't even read the whole thing. I read the first two lines and started dying of laughter. I should've seen this thread coming from a mile away.

    Never stop posting, tenforthewin.

    Never. Stop.
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    If 10ftw knows what Phil Jackson is thinking, and this is it, I don't want him.

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