well I am not making any money but am going to give my opinion anyways....

I watched bryan's end of season press conferences a few times now and have had time to digest it. one thing I want to address was his thoughts about lowery. I do not at all think this point guard is the future for this team, now bryan didnt say he thinks that either but what he did say was that he seen improvement, I didnt. from what I seen in houston and what I seen from him in toronto he physically had digressed, his basketball IQ I think is avg, his defense is just above calderon, he doesn't have a consistent 3 point shoot which we need if rudy and demar are on the floor together.

there is the rule of thumb you want 2 players on the floor that can hit the 3 on offenses at all times to space the floor that can come from ideally the 1 and 2 spot (demar can't hit 3's), the 1 and 3 spot (rudy is not a 3 point shooter), the 2 and 3 spot ( look at the spurs) and the unconventional ( 1 and 4 spot or 2 and 4 spot) we have bargani ( i said he was injury prone 2 years ago and got hit up for it).

lowery does not posses the skill set to be a starting point guard on a championship contenting team. the starting point MOST have these 3 skills ( i stress most). hit the open 3 to prevent double teams on players in the low post, create shots for others ( this doesnt have to be ankle break cross over followed by a insane behind the back pass, just get the rock to the right place at the right time for one of your teammates to have a open look. last but not least play defense.The only skill he has a chance to excel at is number 3 play defense.

I also think he is a west coast GM ehere run and gun is the style he wants well toronto is on the east coast and east coast ballasketballl is walk the ball up the floor and pound your face off and if you try and run up and down the court every man on the team is going to put a hit on you to slow you down. chip kelly has a amazing quote "big people beat up litlle people"