People never seem to be happy with Bosh. I don't think team will feel the true affects of Bosh until he leaves if he decides too next summer. Finding young PF's like him are very rare in this day in age.

With very little playoff success as a franchise, the Toronto Raptors have effectively done a better job driving their best players out of town than keeping them happy on this side of the border.

With one year left in Chris Bosh’s contract, it is time for Raptors fans to start considering whether their resident all-star is in for the long haul in Toronto if the team doesn’t make a major turnaround soon.

When the Raptors switched from high-risk and high-flying Vince Carter to the unflashy, but sturdy Bosh as their leader in 2004, it was a major strategic change which re-shaped the organization.

Admittedly, Carter wanted out of Canada’s lone franchise because he lacked faith in where the team was headed. But it was widely accepted that Bosh was ready to handle the responsibility.

Now, after five seasons with Bosh as the go-to guy, the Raptors have little tangible success to show for it.

The most telling stat for a superstar is how they play when it counts. Constantly hailed as a “superstar,” Bosh has yet to lead his team to a playoff series victory and has struggled in the post-season.
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