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I am intrigued with Livingston, he turns 28 in September, he should have a few years left in the tank, even with his past injury. My concern is with his complete lack of an outside game how will he blend with a roster of non-shooters? What I do like is that he brings a very different look as the back-up and has had to really learn how to play an mental game after losing some of his pep.
Shaun Livingston played well in Cleveland and I am sure they will try to resign him if the price is reasonable. He is good at posting up smaller guards and has good court vision, especially from the top of the key (he threaded the needle a number of times finding cutters from that position). Cannot shoot the 3, at all. I hope he is back with Cleveland next season because I do not want to see another Donald Sloan type PG out there! You guys complain about JL3 but you have yet to see how awful a Donald Sloan can be.

I am guessing he is the second resign priority after Wayne Ellington. Maybe The Son of Bill is third, and Marreese Speights if he is willing to sign for far less than he thinks he is worth.

I know a few people mentioned Marreese Speights on these boards a few times but I do not want to see him as a Raptor. Lazy ass defender, loves shooting the long 2 and will not pass an opportunity to do so.