so a milwaukee ball boy did an ama on reddit.

and he had quite the anecdote.

"Here's another one I was just thinking about. It occured about a month ago when the Raptors were in town. I was just walking through the visitor's locker room when Amir Johnson and Rudy Gay called me over. Normally this would be a job for one of my supervisors, but he ran an errand.
So it went something like this...
RG:"Hey. Just saying, know.... i'm not really asking....but just maybe....I mean theoretically.....could you get us some liquor?
Me: "Yeah for sure. What were you thinking?"
AJ:"You knoww...we need come ciroc. you know what that is"
White suburban me even knows what ciroc is.
Me: "Yeah, of course"
RG: "Aight, we need some ciroc peach, we need to make our trip home a but more interesting"
I told my supervisor (because he is 21) and suffice to say, they got their ciroc peach."