Lots of stuff rehashed that Raptor fans have been talking about non-stop - especially here. Worth the click and a good read.

The panel for this discussion is:

Again for this edition we've got a stellar cast including's Tim Chisholm, the National Post's Eric Koreen, Raptorblog's Joseph Casciaro, and Ryan Wolstat of the Toronto Sun.
I figured I'd put the questions discussed in the article here for discussion in this thread. I don't want to copy and paste the whole article because that is not quite fair to that site. I HIGHLY recommend clicking the link.

RaptorsHQ: So I'll kick things off like this: Forget grades, forget 4 and 19, forget Rudy Gay's field goal percentage marks for a minute. Do you think this season overall was a step forward for the franchise on the court?

RHQ: So sounds like everyone's in agreement here, the season was indeed a disappointment for a variety of reasons. What about the final stretch, including the team winning five in a row to cap off the campaign. Was that fool's gold, or indeed a sign of "better times ahead?"

RHQ: Nice work on the PE reference, especially with them being recent Hall of Fame inductees.

So the answers given to the last two questions, one of the next logical questions is: "given that the season was overall viewed as a step back for the franchise, and that most aren't putting much stock in the late, late season win streak, should those responsible for the orchestration of the franchise, be shown the door?"

This obviously means Bryan Colangelo so a) do you think he should be given another shot as President/GM and b) do you think he will be?

And what about Coach Casey?

What I find hilariously/maddeningly/painfully/unsurprisingly is: everyone is in agreement the team did not move forward and may have even taken a step back and everyone is in agreement the wins at the end of the season are 'fools gold' but yet not everyone is in agreement change is needed or are on the fence.

How would you answer the questions?