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    Yes, but is that on the coach?

    The one I keep going back to is the Irving 3 pter over Anderson. DC was visibly screaming at AA to close the gap for seconds before Irving took the shot. This is likely the way he teaches it in practice as well. AA is also supposed to be his veteran. Well, when your veteran can't make the play the way you want, your team probably sucks balls...I use the defensive example because I remember a specific one, but you see Casey screaming, waving, doing anything to try to get players to execute on offense.

    I mean, Gay is an awful (not necessarily unwilling) passer who throws it all over the place. DeMar literally treated JV like he had the plague for a pretty extended time in the season. Lowry played heroball for the first 2 months. Again, I'm not sure what a different coach really could have done. Bench all those guys and try to win with Lucas, Pietrus and Kleiza?

    I guess my argument is that I'm not sure that these players, for the most part, would fit any system that well, especially when combined together, and especially the way they played this year.

    *People have compared it to knocking square pegs in round holes....I think that's an understatement.
    Well we both are right to some extent I just dont think that any respected coach can have his players not listening to him and trying to not fulfill his demands. And if players do not fulfill coaches demands then yes, as you said, you have to take players out and sometimes even look funny by bringing Pietrus or Kleiza, but this is a must if you want to be respected and treated as a leader. That's why KLow had problems in Houston, coach had too big balls for him.
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