As for the Andrea stuff... I think we can all go on a rant about his lack of utility (well phrased, Matt). Granted, I've backed Andrea more than most over his tenure. Last season was a breaking point even for me. I'm the guy that wants to trade him for anybody but Super Cool Beez.

But given that he's possibly the least valuable player in the league, it isnt crazy to think we're going to be stuck with him.

Yes, you're right, he cannot rebound. If he's going to be around, why not move on from begging him to rebound and instead looking for something, anything that he could contribute.

He's not a good shooter, either. But he has, in the past, gotten hot and made 3s, stretching the defence and providing a little scoring pop. We could use that. If only he got his shooting touch back... (OK maybe not 'back' so much as 'developed'). If he could improve his shooting (as i suggested in my post about team needs), its conceivable that he contribute a little bit, get the confidence ball rolling, find a role on the team, and not be the least valuable player in the league. Not likely, sure. Just like it's not likely that Acy becomes Kenneth Farried. Maybe even a little more likely than that, considering we have seem it from Bargs for short stretches over the years.