I was fairly pro coangleo for a long time. I still think he does a good job of drafting (as long as he has picks to use...) and thought that the calls for him to be fired mid season were unnecessarily reactionary. I also believe that there isn't much a new gm can do with the current team.

All that being said, I'd rather the option NOT get picked up. If you ask a guy to build you a mountain, and he digs you into a hole, you don't ask the same guy to try to dig you out.

I wonder if Jonah Hill would be interested in the GM position. Sure he only "played" a metrics/analytics guru in a movie, but it's not that much different than coangelo "playing" a GM on tv.

I actually would love for the team to have no president or gm for the whole season... just take a "it's not like if we had a gm he'd be doing anything anyway" approach. What little decisions there are to make could be made my leiweke and stefanski. I'm only about 20% joking.

If these sources are true and b co is here for another season, meh. If I was in or around toronto, I'd show up for a "Coangelo's left us with NO OPTIONs rally", but since I'm in africa I doubt I'd be able to make it. That said my dad lives in toronto and is retired, so I could probably get him to show up on my behalf.