I'm not a tanking fan, but even if you're tanking, the goal is to acquire long-term assets at the same time. This tank plan acquires exactly one long-term asset that we didn't already have (the Milwaukee pick), and improves one we already have (our own first-rounder). Plus, we give up a second rounder? Now, 2014 lottery picks are going to be difficult to acquire (I think even Milwaukee would want better protection than top 7... probably top 12 or even top 15). $40 million of cap space is going to be useless in attracting any free agents to such a brutal team, unless we're prepared to overpay. It's going to take a couple years of winning with our young guys before any star players would consider signing here for market value. We're also left with next to no salary to use in any sign-and-trade scenario.

If we're trading Gay and Kleiza for Gasol and then immediately waiving Gasol, why wouldn't we just waive Gay? And since we could always just amnesty Kleiza anyway, this means we're giving away Gay for exactly zero assets going forward. Do you really think that's the best use of Gay's contract? Heck, at least grab Morris from the Lakers.
And I don't understand trying to get rid of Kleiza (who's really a negative trade asset), and yet bringing in Roy, who's a pretty-much identical asset. Also, I believe that the Wolves already waived Roy a couple days ago.
Also, you could simply keep Bargnani over Gordon (who probably helps us lose just as much), amnesty Bargnani next summer, and not give up a second round pick in the process.
And Lowry and DeRozan. These are valuable assets... at least trade them for filler plus prospects who won't win right now, but might turn into something a few years down the line.

However, I will give you credit that the lineup you proposed is definitely worthy of a top 5 pick. Resigning Anderson is a nice touch. For what it's worth, I think I'd probably watch less than a dozen games if that was our lineup next year. Can't see the media conglomerate owners committing the ratings suicide that would be involved in this.