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Thread: Rebuild or Re-tool? (thread merge in post #358)

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    There was one thing in your cherry picked reply that I would like to address with a cherry pick of my own

    Quote Matt52 wrote: View Post
    The luck the Raptors need to be anything more than an 8th seed is guys overachieving, a major coup in a trade, and finding absolute bargains on minimum contracts (Jimmy Butler/productive young players on rookie deals, Danny Green type contracts, Chandler Parsons type contracts - imagine a healthy Fields with a 3 point shot making $2M - that is what I refer to). With so much money tied up in inefficient players (Gay, DeRozan, Bargnani), the Raptors need a real homerun or two from the bargain bin.
    I meant to refer to anything more than an 8th seed in the context of staying the course with few changes to what is currently on the roster. Not sure if that message came through or not. However your reply, which is below, is not something I agree with.

    Quote NoBan wrote: View Post
    That’s not only unrealistic, it’s next to impossible.

    Guys overachieving? We’ve been hoping for that year after year. And even when they do, other guys underachieve and we wind up still stuck in no-mans-land.

    Major coup in a trade? I’m sure every single team is hoping for this. Is there anything to suggest this is the slightest bit lucky? NBA teams aren’t going to hand assets to us. Even teams with poor decision making processes (Kings, Nets) aren’t going to hand us something useful just because. Not to get too far off topic, but we all know how this strategy worked out for the Jays. “Major coup in a trade” is off the table.

    Bargains on minimum contracts? The way to make this happen is to nail a second round pick (or very late first). Not only has that never happened for this organization, we don’t even have a second round pick to use. This option is off the table as well.

    Somebody else mentioned that we need to find a “diamond in the rough.” Well, thats kinda what AA was if you look at his paycheque vs contribution. Finding another AA, AP or Garbo is not the ticket to a contender (again, like it says in your sig).
    First part on guys overachieving. I agree we've been hoping for that year after year - in fact 7 years for a certain player. However it doesn't mean it is not impossible and I would also include under this guys developing. I don't think anyone would say JV is a finished product nor Ross. I don't think anyone would agree Fields showed what he is capable of this season unless they believe his forearm injury/nerve damage is permanent. Amir Johnson is a guy who has steadily improved.

    Second part on major trade coup. Well, yes, that is what every team hopes for in every trade. However sometimes those trades do work out in another team's favour. Do you think Hammond/Bucks are not looking at Tobias Harris in Orlando and saying, "WTF?" Colangelo has managed to find those diamond in the rough in Joe Johnson from the Celtics; Colangelo has also managed to find pieces of shit in the flower bed too. I'm not saying this is likely but I'm not ruling out the possibility of it either. The Blue Jays is a bad example because MLB does not have a CBA limiting salaries in trades. I'm not talking about major contracts getting passed from one team to another, I'm talking prospects or guys with talent who have not been in an ideal situation to show it.

    Third part on bargains on minimum contracts. More than 2nd round picks can be signed to minimum contracts. Nate Robinson is an example this season. I don't include AA because I don't think he is a bargain (or a diamond in the rough). I think he is what he is: a third string SG who was given more of a role this season than he should have been. Of the 65 games he played this season he only had 13 where he shot more than .500 but 27 games where he shot .333 or less (leaving of course 25 games where he shot between 33.4-49%, 14 of which were less than .400).

    I'm not seeing any real reason to see why the Raptors could not "luck" in to a good young player in a bad situation buried on another team's bench, a "cheap" free agent, or a bargain minimum contract. The only reason I see in your post why none of that could happen is because your opinion states it is an impossibility.
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