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To me it just seems a bit odd to be browsing a Raptors forum with 8 posts under your belt and telling people who are having an intelligent discussion that they're wasting their time.

Anyway, that's as far as I'm willing to judge another person.

Many of the teams listed there were built, not necessarily with the drafted players, but by trading draft picks. Miami, for example, would never have been able to clear out their cap to acquire Bosh and Wade if not for having draft picks to trade for expiring contracts. Boston Celtics Big 3 wouldn't exist if not for the 5th overall pick tanked for in 2006. I don't really have time to look up the others, but that covers a good chunk of the last 5 championships.

Random side note: I had a random thought while watching the Heat tonight. What if Chris Bosh wanted the team to trade Bargnani all along? What if him learning to shoot 3s was his way of saying "Hey guys, I can shoot 3s now. But I'm not super great and blocking shots and defending, so trade that guy for one who can!"? Because he was at least worth something in those days.

Matt, the one deal that I think might work is the Millsap one. Utah is literally a DeRozan-type away from being a perennial playoff team again. They already have Favors waiting in the wings, who may not have the motor but certainly has way more talent than Millsap. Thing for me is that if Colangelo is retained, I can't see him trading DeRozan. He's already on thin ice (even if extended) and the average fan doesn't really understand. I think most people would be mad if DeRozan were traded.
I think the bigger roadblock with Colangelo trading DD would be that he's loyal (to a fault) to "his" players, not necessarily his fear of how the fans would perceive it. That would definitely be a trade that addresses the starting PF problem, however I fear it would open up a similar looking hole at the SG spot.