I've been paying a lot of attention to Indianna this post season because I feel like that's the team we resemble the most. Could strive to become very easily. The one thing I've notice is how much better they've played without the wing duo of Granger/Goerge. They've replace Granger with Stephanson. How is more of all around player. That's made a lot of defiance in their whole approach on offense and defense. It just seems like their way more complimentary to eachother. No one is stepping on anyone feet.

With that said I've become a avatator of Landry Fields starting next to Rudy. I believe that Landry Fields is a great clue guy to have in a starting line up. That will do all the little things that will help you win basketball games. He doesn't need to score to be productive. DD has to score to be productive unfortuantely. There wont be that many shots to go around in the first unit with JV getting better.

I wouldn't want DD to come off the bench. I'd rather see him just be traded all together. I would really like to see him go to LA with AB for Gasol back. DD has been extremely loyal to Toronto. It would be a nice gesture to send him home. That way we would only see him twice a year too. If know me I'm a big DD fan. His the only raptor I've ever met but, I just feel like this team would just be better that way.