Can I go back to Monte? What if he was brought here strictly to play the point guard position?

As far as value, that's a tough debate to have without including impact in the locker room. Just looking at numbers flat is a misnomer. Personally, I have Demar and Gay as highly valuable players, and Landry a trade-able asset, but that's just opinion. I don't have enough information, and I would like the time to see if LF gets his shot back.

Let's all be honest, the Raps suck. Everyone can be had for the right price. But if the goal is a title who has a higher value staying? How much will dramatic player turnover impact interest from free agents? What players fit the playing philosophy that the team wants to develop? How many years can the general public wait on a rebuild? What would be the locker room impact of the player leaving? Sort of have to answer all those questions before you can figure out who would be best to ship out. Hopefully we will figure out what the Raptors philosophy is in the near future.