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Of course, what you're forgetting is that everything in sports management is calculated risk. ...Tanking is a relatively knowable risk in that you have a good idea of what you're tanking for: a prized rookie contract (or more than one) that has intrinsic value around the league and where you have a reasonably good, albeit imperfect, idea of what the player's level is. It's frankly a lot more certain than assuming inherent player improvement, which is what the anti-tank faction seems to be asserting will happen.
We can agree to disagree about this. Raptors after all have had a #1 pick. Go through the number one picks of the last 15 years and count the flameouts, not to mention the players who never became franchise players. Then count the number of guys picked in the top 5. How many of them turned into franchise talents? Now how many all stars came from picks #8 and lower?

A lot of top five picks paid off for their teams. But the Raps have had two #4 picks that paid off for a while then left the franchise in worse shape then before. So much for knowable risk. But if I am working with a guy every day, and that guy is putting in the work, I know that guy is going to get better. And if he is unwilling to work, I'm trading his ass and finding someone who is willing to buy in and commit.