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So, we tank. Get the first overall pick. Draft Wiggins. He lives up to what he's supposed to. Than What?

If you haven't planned past these above steps.. Allow me to show you what happens...

Lebron James happens.

And by that I mean you can't surround him with good players and he leaves.

Or wait..here's an example, that resonates closer to home. Chris Bosh happens.
We have JV growing (a potential star)..we have Tross (jury's out)..we will have tons of cap room. Cavs got lebron when they were bottomed out...and they went to the finals. I think we'd be ok with that. The difference is we've already got a few top ten picks growing. Clevelands picks in the year before lebron were Jamal Crawford at 7(2000...not bad), DeSagana Diop (8th 2001) and Dajuan Wagner (6th 2002). Hopefully we've got more of a foundation.