So I know we have a 0.7 chance of winning the lottery. If there was ever chance for the raptors to win into the top 3 it would be the weakest draft in years. My question fur y'all if we did who would you pick with 1, 2 and 3 pick.

With 1 pick I would have to go with Noel. A front court of him and JV is just too tempting for me. I know his injuries and weighted in at 206 lbs but, he has the most potential. I feel like are team is in position to wait for him. We really don't need a productive rookie this year. He could take the whole year off a la Derrick Rose.

For the other 2 picks I would go with Victor Oladipo. I have developed a serious man crush on this dude. I'm a huge DD support so you know it would take a lot for me to support a would be successor of his. I just feel like he would be a perfect fit next to Rudy. Hands down the best defensive player in this draft. His motor doesn't stop and be has a crazy work ethic. Really smart got his degree in three years. Did I mention that his an athletic freak! Measure out 6'4.25" in shoes with a 6'9.25" and a 42 inch max vert. He got better every year in college. At worst he will be Tony Allen but, he is currently already a better offensively player that TA. I know it's crazy for the raptors to draft another wing player but, with a new GM I can see him taking care of our wings issue. There is just too much money there and to many assets not to use them. I'm done with my rant.

Can some tell if any team has ever won the lottery with a 0.7 chance or less?