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First and foremost, we have to figure out consistently and how to win long-term. I guess I referred to it earlier today as being a Seven Eleven. Good enough to maybe be in the 7th or 8th spot and maybe make the playoffs, but never good enough to win.

I do like the fact that we’re going to have a GM with a fresh view of the world, with a fresh view of the world, with a fresh view of this roster, with a fresh view of what it is we need to do to be competitive long-term.
I have a bit of a disagreement on the current status of the organization and this roster. I guess I don’t think we’re right there. I don’t think we’re a piece away, I think we have work to do. I think in the last five years we’ve made mistakes. We’re a team knocking on the luxury tax that has zero draft picks this year, and we have to improve on this roster but we don’t have a lot of resources to do it. I find it ironic that people think that that, at the end of the day, would give me a high degree of comfort. That said, Bryan has a different opinion and I respect that opinion, but somebody had to make a decision and someone did.

We got to find somebody that is extremely good and rational at looking at this roster and reaching the right conclusions about who’s going to work and who’s not going to work. Sometimes you got to find a new set of eyes and a new opinion in order to judge a roster and not be personal about a player because you chose him. Or you used the first pick in the first round to pick a player. Sometimes it’s easier for a guy coming in that doesn’t have that loyalty, and doesn’t have the burden of being the guy that made that decision, you reach better conclusion at times on how needs to stay and who needs to go.

We want someone that is not afraid of making trades, we want someone that is not burderend by ultimately saying, ‘God, I feel bad about making this move because I brought this guy into the organization’.

There has been a lot of talk in these forums about the "core" of Lowry-DeRozan-Gay-Amir-JV moving forward. It seems pretty clear that the status quo is not going to remain for whoever comes in to take control of this franchise from a basketball operation/decision-making perspective based on the comments of the ultimate boss.

With that said:

Who goes and, if you are really adventurous or just have time on your hands, why?

**In the poll, only included guys under contract for next season minus Kleiza and it is multiple choice!**