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I think Sam Mitchell's firing was the beginning of the down fall. When you think about it, the teams that didn't make the play offs the following two years under Triano would have made it at least once(if not twice) if Mitchell was still there. Especially the year in which Raps. were at 4th place before the AS break. If that{continued success) had happened, it may have encouraged Bosh to stay and the 'rebuilding' would never had been necessary.
It was happening well before then. It would be like if Colangelo was managing a truck dealership and instead of ordering truck inventory for his mechanics to work on the trucks he was purchasing luxury sedan parts and telling them to deal with it. Sam Mitchell was there before Colangelo, he didn't fit what Colangelo wanted to run(few do) and instead of adapting to his coach or firing said coach, he told Smitch to deal with it, it eventually failed because as he deviated more and more away from his coach's philosophies but hey, he had a pretty expensive scape goat.