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Noted about the pick being in 2014, which makes the deal a bit more appealing. Hayward will be making $3.4M next season, then has a QO of $4.7M - I'm not sure I'd be in favor of paying Hayward possibly $5M+ per season. If the Raps are just looking for a salary dump for Gay, then it's not a bad deal, especially since Hayward could likely be flipped pretty easily right away or next offseason.

The bolded part is one of the reasons I keep going back to DeRozan as the team's primary trade asset. Yes Gay is older and yes Gay is overpaid, but I have a hard time seeing him return equal relative value to what DeRozan would return. Trading DeRozan would be about addding an asset for now and the future, whereas trading Gay would likely be more about dumping salary and adding a cheap risk/reward prospect (exactly what Memphis did).

I'm super curious to find out what direction Ujiri is planning to take this franchise! It will certainly help focus some of the discussion around RR, once we know whether we're looking at rebuild, retool or some sort of hybrid of the two.
seriously. I can't stop going over and over scenarios in my head.

What gives me promise of an easy mind soon is he said it would be easy to tell what direction they were going in soon enough. Almost makes you wonder if there is something lined up.