LOL ... nah, I think no matter how nice anyone thought the gesture was, KG will always be a prick.

Chris Bosh can thank Kevin Garnett for a happy homecoming.

On Saturday, Garnett gave East coach Stan Van Gundy some subtle advice.

"He said, ĎHey, play me the first time out each half. Itís Chrisí hometown, so give him a lot of minutes," Van Gundy said. "So I was glad we were able to do that. I thought it was great."

"Chris played very well," Van Gundy said. "It was obvious not just with his numbers, but with the way he was playing, running up and down the court with great energy, that this day was important for him."

Bosh finished with 23 points, the third-highest total for the East, and also had 10 rebounds and a couple of crowd-pleasing dunks.

Although he didnít start, he played more than 29 minutes, the most of any player on either team other than LeBron James (32 minutes) and Dwyane Wade (31 minutes).

Making the moment even bigger was the crowd of 108,713, the most ever to watch a basketball game.

"He played extremely hard, so Iím very happy for him," Van Gundy said.

"[Playing in front of] 108,000 people in his hometown, a double-double and the winning points, I thought it was a great day for him."
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