So I read a bunch of people talking about how Clevland was shopping their number one pick for a more proven player, and about the possibility of trading Gay for it.
I also saw how Portland wanted a more proven player for their number 10 pick
I just combined the two ideas into one simple trade.
With Raps getting both their picks.

Tor: Obvious for us, we get two young players, the first overall pick, and another lottery pick. Amazing deal for us.

Portland: Its a steep price, but in my opinion they need an upgrade at C most, and they want a proven player. They give up their prospect center, and a young SG to get a near all-star talent when healthy. I would see Varejao and Aldridge as a good pair and dominate front court. They also get Gee to replace Mathews. They should still have quite a bit of free cap to get another SG in free agaecny if need be. Maybe asking for the pick is too greedy...

Cle: As discussed in many other threads, they get a all star Sf and a proven player they want. The cost is high, but a core of Irving, Waiters, Gay and Thompson might be worth it.

I know its a pipe dream, and its unrealistic, just wondering what others think and how to make it more fair for the other teams.