Man do I ever "heart" Tim .... its refreshing to read someone in mix of the Raptors media that doesn't spew garbage or recycled rubbish our way everyday.

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In the fifteen-year history of the Toronto Raptors, I can honestly say that this is the first time I can remember them ever not NEEDING a trade going into the deadline.

For all of the flack that Bryan Colangelo took in the opening weeks of the season, his creation has turned out to be one of the most stable Raptors squads ever assembled - at least by one-year standards - and pulling any element out and replacing it has never been less crucial.

Consider that the only other times the Raptors have been on pace for a season as successful as this one there were major needs going into the deadline.
Let's not kid ourselves, keeping Bosh happy is the only NEED in Raptorland until he either re-signs or leaves this summer. While he'd no doubt welcome a move that puts the Raptors into the class of Cleveland, Orlando, Atlanta and Boston, if that move actually set the team back it isn't like he'd feel obligated to stick around to clean up the mess. That being the case, the club better be certain that any trade they pull off will only improve their fortunes, because the alternative could be disastrous.

Let's simplify things, though: the Raptors are going in the right direction, and they have several key pieces locked-up and the inside track to re-sign Bosh this summer. Eventually the talent level in certain areas will need to increase, but it doesn't NEED to increase today.

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