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Thread: Raptors Rebuild Blueprint Discussion

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    Quote Brandon wrote: View Post
    Matt, not going to quote you because the posts are too damn long with the quotes.

    The CBA: I think the league wants caps/taxes, restrictions on trading first round picks, drafts, vet minimums, maximums, exceptions, and the rest of it because the commissioner is worried that the owners and their yes-men executives are so stupid that without such a system, two or three teams would constantly dominate while the rest of them would haemorrhage money. In other words, 'we must protect you idjits from yourselves'. I think this is the reason teams don't do things the way I described.

    Hibbert: Centers and big forwards don't do the 30/15 thing anymore because the league has become so backcourt-centric. How many of the players on that list of 24 are 7-footers with wide bodies capable of negating the most obvious scoring route, ie. shooting at the rim? Not JV, not Amir Johnson (more on him below), not Chris Bosh, not the Lopez bros., not most of the guys on that list.

    Amir Johnson: [Note: I erased along tirade I had entered here about how he sucks and is overrated because of his high-energy style of play. I don't want to turn this into some sort of emotional outburst. They shouldn't have made it harder to ship him the hell out of town by giving him 5 years. Now, I don't want to hear anything more about the Amir Johnsons of the world.]
    The CBA: Teams aren't run the way you say because they can't. You do have a lot of good ideas though and I am in more agreement than you may realize.

    Hibbert: The use of 7 footer is a selective as is body type and serves only to make a point you have selected. I thought the point of paying out huge contracts was to pay players that had a significant impact on winning? Who cares if the C is 6'10" (like Dwight Howard) or 235lbs (like Larry Sanders)?

    Amir Johnson: I'm not sure how he deserves a tirade. I think he is a great third big. He can play PF or C and plays with energy. He is exactly the type of player teams with superstars need - creates a positive impact without the ball. Big men come at a premium due to supply and demand (which is another point your proposition ignores).

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    Just a few sidenotes:

    I think the vet minimum salaries and such are not there because of the owners and Stern, but because of the players union. There are a lot more average players than top players and the union represents this middle class more than anything else.

    There aren't 7 footers that do 30/15 because their development stinks. Players usually aren't growing up in a system that is put in place to make them the best players at their peak, but because (and this is more true the younger they are) their teams and coaches don't get anything out of them being very skilled at 25 years old when they are 12. For their coaches and teams, results matter (for sponsorshipdeals and such). So, when they continuously face smaller opponents they are just taught to use their significant size difference, not their skill. That's how you get players like Tyson Chandler who always dunked on and overpowerd his smaller opponents, but never ever developed a post game. That's how you get a player like Hibbert shooting close to 40% pre-allstar game because when faced up with other big players and not having the advantage they had when they were young, the lack the skill. How many American bigs can pass like Pau and Marc Gasol or shoot free throws like Valanciunas? Those guys grew up in a system where, for a large part, winning at a young age takes a backseat to developing them for the pros.

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    Greg Popovich agrees with you.

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