Old Roster (73 mill)


Roster Moves


Gay for 2nd overall pick + 2014 2nd rounder/D12 TPE from ORL
Bargs/Lowry for Thornton (2 years)/Hayes (2 yrs) from SAC


Draft Trey Burke (or MCW) preferably Trey due to known quantity

Free Agents

Sign CJ Watson (7 mil/3 yrs)
Sign Anthony Morrow (3 mil/2 yrs)
Amnesty Kleiza
Let Lucas+Anderson Walk
Sign Carl Landry (18 mil/3 yrs)
Resign telfair at 3 mil/2 yrs

New roster (61.38 mil)

Jonas (3.4/3)/Gray (2.7/1)/Hayes (5.7/2)
Amir (6.5/2)/Landry (6/3)/Acy (.8/2)
Demar (9.5/4)/Fields (6.25/2)/ Morrow (1.5/2)
Thornton (8/2)/Ross (2.7/3)
Burke (4.5/4)/Watson (2.33/3)/Telfair (1.5/2)

30 Million coming off the books for the 2015 free agency period
This class includes Aldridge, Melo, Marc Gasol, Deandre Jordan, Kyrie, Z-Bo, Rondo, Rubio, Amare, Klay Thompson, Kemba, Asik, Bass, Boozer, Jimmy Butler, Marshon Brooks, Tyson Chandler, Nick Collison, Big Baby, Faried, Rudy, Danny Green, Tobias Harris, Haslem, Reggie Jackson (hes gonna be good), Amir, Wes Matthews, Kanter, Kawhi, Lin, Morris Bros, Jameer, Parsons, Scola, Shumpert, Shved, Singler, Varejao, Vucevic

By doing this we create a three pronged attack of JV from the low post, Demar from the high post, mid range, and slashing, Amir for the clean up work and rebounding and Burke and Ross/Thornton are able to effectively spread the floor from the perimeter. Additionally we add an influx of three point shooters with Burke, Thornton, Watson, Morrow, Fields' (hopefully) repaired shot form, and an improved Ross. Maybe Demar will even chip in, who knows, plus Amir has said that he has been working on his three pointer (lol). We also significantly strengthen our bench with the presence of either ross or Thornton as fairly effective sixth men, a low post-scoring presence in Carl Landry, a rejuvenated Landry Fields, and a proven backup pg and 3 pt shooter in Watson. Most importantly, it allows us to showcase our youth without having an unfocused group like the kings.

Once the 2015 free agency class comes around, we will only have Jonas, Demar, Trey Burke, Ross, Carl Landry and Harris on the roster and 30 mill coming off the books which should give us more than enough capital to throw at free agents like Amir, Gasol, Aldridge, Jordan, Rondo or Rubio (if Burke doesn't work), Klay Thompson, Asik, Green, Butler, Faried, Harris, Kawhi, Parsons, Shved, Varejao, etc...(no melo please).

2014 Draft
This is probably the most important part of this whole exercise, to get into the high lottery for the 2014 draft. This team would probably get into the 4-10 range where there is an array of solid players to add to our team. Who knows, maybe the league'll smile on us and give us Wiggins. The following year we could be challenging for the playoffs but would probably be a lottery team again giving us a chance at a lottery pick before the aforementioned free agency period in 2015. Ultimately, more minutes/touches for youth, more shooters, better spot in 2014 draft, and more money for free agents.Predicted Record: 27-55