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SA doesn't play him for a number of reasons.

On offense:

- He can't space the floor. He's made 15 shots longer than 15 feet his entire career.
- He's about average or below average at the rim, which is where he gets the vast majority of his shots.
- His single biggest skill is offensive rebounding, and SA doesn't go for offensive boards as a matter of basketball philosophy--they like to get back in transition instead.

On defense:
- He's short (6'7") and can't jump or move laterally very well (no ACLs)
- He has only two useful skills on D: he can push power low-post players off their spots when playing behind them, and he can rebound the ball very well.
- SA almost exclusively likes to front the post, which he's next-to-useless at, what with the (relative) shortness and the lack of jumping ability. That negates one of his two useful defensive skills.
- His strong defensive rebounding usually isn't needed. Timmy's still very solid on the defensive glass, Splitter's a good box-out guy even if he doesn't get gaudy rebound totals, Leonard is a better rebounder at the 3 spot than anybody not named LeBron James, and they have the luxury of sending 4 guys to the defensive glass and still almost always having a one-man fast break on the floor (Parker or Ginobili), so teams tend to not to crash the offensive glass too hard against them. (They were 3rd in the league this year in defensive rebounding%.)

He's definitely an elite NBA rebounder, and a solid finisher for his size. I wouldn't be sorry to see him in a Raptor uniform, and he's real easy to cheer for because he's always working his butt off. But he's definitely a very limited player.
Very well done. While I recognize Blair brings something to the floor .. Im not sure his negatives outweigh his positives. I put him along the same lines as Hump and Reggie. One skill players that are very limited otherwise. However, fans who love hustle and effort (understandably in Raptors land since we havent had much of it!) tend to vastly over-value these guys.

Seems like the type of guy BC would overpay in the past. Not sure Im interested, especially if it involves any decent $$ or giving up assets.

Of course, id take him for cheap if hes available, no question there.