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Thread: 2011 Draft - Trade Scenario that didn't happen

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    Default 2011 Draft - Trade Scenario that didn't happen

    Here's an interesting story told by an insider involved with one of the teams. In 2011, most everyone in the league thought the Cavs were leaning toward Lithuanian center Valanciunas with the No. 4 pick.

    That included two teams behind the Cavs: Toronto at 5 and Detroit at 8. So much so, the teams had arranged a trade after they figured the 7-footer would go to the Cavs.

    A source said the Pistons were going to trade the eighth pick and guard Ben Gordon to the Raptors for Toronto's No. 5 pick and guard Jose Calderon.

    The Pistons were going to draft Tristan Thompson at 5, while Toronto would have taken Brandon Knight at 8.

    The trade was called off when the Cavs passed on Valanciunas and selected Thompson at 4. The Raptors jumped on the Lithuanian center with the next pick. Both teams appear happy with the outcomes of both players.
    So basically if the Cavs drafted Valanciunas with the 4th pick, BC would have traded Calderon and the 5th pick for Ben Gordon and the 8th pick. Cavs would have drafted Thompson and we would have drafted Knight. God, thank fucking god we fired BC. We would have been angry after the 2011 draft and even angrier now! Thank god for the Cavs for drafting Thompson rather than Valanciunas. This would have been a disaster. Talk about dodging a bullet
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