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We're going to be a much better team next year, especially with a full training camp. The only way I see us not making the playoffs is injuries.

Reasons why we'll make he playoffs:

Kyle Lowry getting into shape, playing like he did in the beggining of the season and this time WITH a full training camp.

DeMar DeRozan improving himself in the offseason, as he always does. I'm pretty sure he'll be knocking down more 3's and even be dishing the ball a few times, might even get better defense because of him being mentored by Gary Payton now.

Rudy Gay taking over the team and being the man, he'll allow DeMar to flourish and also will DeMar.

Amir Johnson being Amir Johnson, but an improved one. I know he's already working on his game.

Jonas Valanciunas, hopefully he can learn to not make mistakes next season, then we can see how he really plays though 30 min a game. Also, I heard he's working on his strength and agility right now which means he's going to improve even more, I also heard he will work on his post moves more, he will also be playing in the Lithuania or something like that.

Landry Fields getting an offseason to get his shot form back, and recover from the surgery.

Terrence Ross coming back not as a rookie will hopefully help, heard he's working on his game also.


Andrea Bargnani, whoever he gets traded for, count on Masai Ujiri a great trader to get something done, and hopefully getting into the draft and getting someone that'll help the team in it's needs.


Quincy Acy
John Lucas is a great 3rd PG imo.
Aaron Gray

Seriously, with a training camp, and the chemistry the Raptors have made during the ending of the season, the Raptors are gonna be a team to watch next season. And I'm not even mentioning anything Masai might get done which will most likely improve the team.

.... I guess you could say I'm really excited.
What you said here, you can pretty much say about any player in the league... which NBA player isn't working on their game in the off-season (apart from Primo)...