Cleveland - Anthony Bennett
Best Case Scenario: Larry Johnson with an outside touch
Worst Case Scenario: Jason Maxiell
Summary: Is he a 3 or a 4? I think he's more of a power 3 than a 4 consider his size but the question is, is he fast enough to cover or defend players like Lebron, Carmello or Durant in this league and if he's a 4, can he hold down players like Bosh, Aldridge, Love or Z-Bo. I'm excited to see what the Cavs would do to this guy down the stretch.

Orlando - Victor Oladipo
Best Case Scenario: A better and more athletic Jamal Crawford
Worst Case Scenario: Leandro Barbosa
Summary: Oladipo has the quickness and outside touch to be the franchise player for the Magic and with this draft, A.Affalo is gone for sure. Oladipo is a 2 but can play the 1 or the 3 under some circumstances. Oladipo has the drive to be a superstar in this league if he works as hard as Jamal Crawford or just become a NBA journeyman for years to come but no matter, he will be in this league for a long time

Washington - Otto Porter
Best Case Scenario: A more athletic Tayshaun Prince
Worst Case Scenario: Wesly Johnson
Summary: Otto Porter will immediately start at the 3 spot for the Wizards. The Wizards are awfully young with their 3 starters under the age of 25, it would be interesting to see how they will gel with one another. Wall-Beals-Porter should be a good 1-2-3 punch for years to come.

Charlotte - Cody Zeller
Best Case Scenario: Pau Gasol
Worst Case Scenario: Nick Collison
Summary: I think he's picked too soon, when McLemore, Burke, and Alex Len are on the line. Zeller is a good basketball player but won't be a superstar in this league. Consider the reaction of Bobcats fans, this is definitely not a good draft for them. We will see, will Zeller play C or PF in this league consider the Bobcats don't have a true center for them.