Toronto out: Andrea Bargnani, T-Ross, Quincy Acy
Toronto in: Beasly, PJ Tucker Suns Pick NO4, 2nd round pick (NO40)

Raps draft Anthony Bennett with the 4th pick and Myck Kabongo with the 40th pick (Two Canadian favorites)
Raps draft Tony Mitchell with the Knicks pick

Toronto out: Landry Fields, Amir Johnson, Future 1st round pick
Toronto in: Tyson Chandler, James White, No24th pick

Raps New Lineups
Lowry/Kabongo/3rd PG
DeRozan/James White/Anderson
Gay/PJ Tucker/T.Mitchell

Why Raps: We get the 4th pick who we can draft Bennett if he's available (I'm quite sure he will since Noel or Lens will be No1 pick followed by Porter, McLemore and Burke). I see Bennett falling for us. Bennett is a tremendous talent, could be better than Paul Millsap in a few years, worst case scenario is Jason Maxiel at his prime. Besides, he's Canadian, would become one of the cornerstone for this franchise to move forward. We shed Bargnani's contract by shipping him to the Suns. T-Ross will find a spot on the roster. We use Suns 2nd pick for Kabongo as our backup PG. On top of that, we also acquire Tyson Chandler, James White and a pick in exchange for Fields and Amir Johnson and a future pick. Chandler is veteran who played heavy minutes for the Knicks in the playoff, with his veteran presence, he could make Val better. James White, another dunker would be a good backup behind DeRozan and with the 24th pick, we can either draft a backup PF or a third string SF in Tony Mitchell or Jeff Withey (My gut tells me it's Mitchell). In addition, we also acquire a fellow ex-Raptors in PJ Tucker who played well for the Suns as a primary backup for Gay. Of all the players we get, we have to absorb Beasly's contract. I'm quite sure Beasly can contribute in some way as a backup SF or PF.