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    Default Trade for PICK PICKS PICKS

    So we begin the week with no draft picks for this upcoming draft , should we make some moves to change this? I realize that this draft is weak in comparison to other drafts but if we can make some trades and plug some holes with drafted players then why not. I would love to get our hands on Thomas Robinson and there has been some talk about Houston willing to let him go to get them some salary cap relief so why not be in on that.

    The Reasons for why to do the trades......

    Milwaukee will lose Ellis to free agency this year and need to have a replacement and who better than Brandon Jennings running buddy , they will have to part with their big man but they get a quality big back.

    OKC will rid themselves of an aging Perkins who doesnt seem to fit with the OKC gang and receives a quality outside shooter (once he is healthy) as well as a quality PF/C in Henson. OKC really doesn't need to pick 3 picks as they are already young after last years draft and have our pick to select at #12 and they will get a future second rounder from us.

    Houston clears cap space of 3.5M and will receive a high second rounder this year as well as a future.

    Portland has 4 picks in the draft already and considering that it is not that strong they may lean towards trading a pick for a vet C , we throw in $$ to pay for Gray and they are ahead of the game.

    Toronto moves Bargnani contract as well as DeRozans contract......losing JV is not high on my list of choices but if we were to get back Saunders in return I would be fine with it.

    Anyway here is my idea , shred it if you may.......

    Toronto gets #15(Gorgui Dieng) & Gooden & Saunders / Perkins & #29 (Glen Rice Jr.) / #39 (Kabango) / T. Robinson

    Milwaukee gets DeRozan / Valanciunas / Acy

    OKC gets Bargnani / Henson / Future TO 2nd Rounder

    Houston gets OKC #32 / Future TO 2nd Rounder

    Portland gets Gray & 3M

    Sign a Veteran PG - Tinsley for 1-1.5 M and sign SG/SF Corey Brewer for 5M x 3 years and sign SF Kris Joseph for league min

    C - Saunders / Perkins / Dieng (#15)
    PF - Amir / Robinson / Gooden
    SF - Gay / Fields / Joseph (FA)
    SG - Brewer (FA) / Ross / Rice Jr.(#29)
    PG - Lowry / Kabango (#39) / Tinsley (FA)

    I like the mix of this line up.........think Urji can do it? Thoughts?
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