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A division title with no help whatsoever perhaps? & pretty much handed Mithcell the coach of the year trophy on a platter? Bosh is the best player in franchise history, as a main option he's one of the best players in the league on ANY team. Was he garbage in Miami? Of course. But it's kind of hard to put up the same amount of points playing in Miami when LBJ & Wade get the majority of the touches & your role is windled down to rebounding & taking 6 jump shots a game. Do I hate Bosh for leaving? YES Can I blame him? NO CHANCE. With the pieces BC brought in last season having Bosh in the lineup as the main option then having Gay scoring in transition with Lowry getting the ball up the floor quickly could be SCARY. If you want results now, this is an unbelievable option because Val is still 4-5 years to figuring out the NBA game. Especially with Boston looking to rebuild for the next few years.

Hate Bosh all you want folks, but in TO he was unbelievable. If he came back he would be the perfect fit. Do I see it happening, probably not. But anyone who says the team wouldn't be better for the next 5-7 years trading Bosh for Val needs to give their head a shake.

Just my 2 cents.

Or a division title in one of the worst divisions in league history, in one of the worst conferences in league history, with some very good help (the Forderon) and some quality role players (Garbo, Rasho, Parker).

Bosh is a good player. Bosh was a good player when he was here. But he was nothing special. His game, as a whole, is replacable and thats why he was never anything extraodinary or unbelievable by NBA standards.

He was/is a very good mid range shooter for a big (or even a player in general), who can handle the ball well enough to use that mid range game to penetrate. That all lead to a very efficient offensive scorer. But he was an average rebounder, an average defender (as a whole. Weak man to man, but good at help D), not much of a passer and has a limited post game (mainly because he has trouble getting deep post position).

Bosh was the classic 'good player on a bad team'. He was never franchise or superstar material, he would have been a very good #2 as a secondary offensive threat, who didn't hurt your team anywhere (specifically when he can play the 4 - a bit more dicey at the 5).