The Breakout Star: Jonas Valanciunas

Every year, there are one or two players who stand out and leave you gushing about them to anyone who asks. This year it was Toronto's Jonas Valanciunas. Not his numbers or any particular highlights, just ... when you watched the summer Raptors, Jonas looked one or two levels above anyone else on the court. Stronger than anyone, in great shape, and still quick enough to create for himself in the post. People have been talking about his potential for the past two years, but after a year in Europe and then a decent rookie season last year, it finally makes sense.

Sports Illustrated called him the MVP of the week, and with 22 teams playing 61 games in Vegas, he was the one guy who looked like a future superstar. One day soon, we will all have to learn how to spell "Valanciunas."

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Right? Maybe?

You know Masai Ujiri is tempted.
ugh this bit killed me because it's totally true