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Latest on Evans offer from the Pelicans is it can go as high as $50M over 4 years with incentives. Derozans deal is looking better by the day. There is a clearly a big demand for a young shooting guard in FA right now, and there is a very low supply. Derozan almost certainly would have gotten a bloated back loaded contract offer to make it difficult for us to match. BC messed up a lot of things but he really helped us dodge a bullet there. I'm sure he'll use it in his sales pitch for his next front office job.
Bloated contracts (Poison Pill Provision) are only for restricted free agents who were 2nd rd picks (hence name Gilbert Arenas attached to it). There would have been no bloated contract in terms of balloon payments.

I still don't get the comparison to DD though - as a basketball player. Evans is multi-dimensional on offense. He can play PG through SF. He rebounds. He creates. He gets steals (although his defense is likely on par with DeRozan at best). He is more efficient. He has made steady improvements in his three point shooting while giving a sample size large enough to draw a conclusion (2 per game over 4 seasons).

I don't think BC dodged a bullet because DD and Evans are not in the same league as players (but character and injury history certainly help lower the spread).