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If the bigs on the pistons don't mesh. Could probably score one of them in a Gay deal. I could see maybe a three team trade with Smith going to the rockets, Asik going to the pistons, Gay going to the pistons and a pick and Munroe or Drummond coming to Toronto. That's the basic outline, there'd be some details and shit. Though, that's assuming a lot, obviously.
Detroit trading Drummond would be like us trading Val: it's not going to happen except in a scenario where the team gets superstar talent in return. Drummond and Val are both potential franchise centers. And they're not going to trade Smith either unless he gets pissy and demands a trade, which he won't do in his first year because that would be insane.

Monroe, Knight and KCP are their serious trade chips, and Detroit isn't going to give up any of them cheaply. I can certainly see them engineering a trade with Houston (Lin and Asik for Monroe and Knight) or even us (Rudy for Monroe and crap), but they're not going to give away the farm.