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Several more years? This whole tanking concept has just about been beaten to death, but how would you feel if the following scenario took place:

- Masai blows up the whole team except JV. To get a high chance at a high lottery pick, virtually every decent asset currently on the team would have to be moved for scraps. If "good prospects" are returned, as many speak of, then if they really are good prospects, they may very perform as well, or close to the young players we gave away, shoving the "tank" down the drain.
- So let's say the team is bad enough to have the 3rd worst record in the league, just like 2010-11. We not only lose the lottery, but drop to the 5th pick, which many tank proponents say is good enough for next year.
- So now we're picking the 5th best prospect, who just doesn't pan out (happens often) or worse, blows his knee out, a la Oden.
- We're left with JV, scraps, and a disabled draft pick and looking at more than "several" more bad years.
so your argument is what if the pick ends up a bust? well yes, thats what the draft can be like.