Being a die hard raptors fan i think it' finally time to let go of the past.

Jose's not comming back to t dot even though jose's last interview as a raptor still haunts me. :'( and im pretty sure DeMar wont stay a raptor, even though most fans would hate to let go of him. Its Ujiri's team now and he'll do what ever he has to do to make this team in to a contender, even if it means letting go of someone as close to the organization as DeRozan. If demar gets traded i might have to go through two weeks of serious rehab.

one thing i know for sure is that Ujiri is damn serious about helping out the raptors. OMAAGOOD RUDDY JUST TWEETED THAT HES EXCITED TO PLAY A FULL SEASON WITH THE RAPTORS..FANGIRLING....AHHH.... ehem i was saying its a new era, and the best thing is to let go of the past thats been weighing us down.

Time to let go of Vince, t-mac, Bosh, Jose, Ed Davis, Bayless and everyone that was important to the raptors family.

and time to look towards the future
put them sunglasses on cuz it seems bright