LMAO ... since when did bloggers have the inside scoop?

In a shocking discovery, the Bulls and Raptors have engaged in talks that would send Chris Bosh to the Bulls before Thursday’s trade deadline. The Bulls would send Luol Deng and Joakim Noah to the Raptors for Bosh. Personally, I’m surprischris_bosh.jpged by this. The idea of giving up Noah with the possibility of Bosh leaving after the season seems like a high risk. In addition, Noah is enjoying a breakout season and I’m surprised they’re willing to trade him. On the other hand, it does clear Luol Deng’s large contract and gives the Bulls a better chance at resigning Bosh at the end of the season. If the trade goes down, it would make it one of the biggest mid-season blockbusters of all time. Update: Tuesday, Feb. 16, 4:00 central time.

In smaller news, Tyrus Thomas is likely to be traded. Big surprise right? Thomas’ has been discussed in almost a dozen different scenarios and is almost certain to be moved by Thursday. If Al Harrington is not part of a T-Mac deal, look for a Tyrus-Harrington swap (and salaries to make it match) to go down.
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