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Thread: The Official Return of RAPTOR FAN FRIDAYS

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    Default The Official Return of RAPTOR FAN FRIDAYS

    Our very own Raptor Fan Fridays is Toronto’s original Raptors game party and this season RFF has been promoted to the proverbial premier league of local venues with our move to the famous Sports Centre Cafe.

    Whether the Raps are playing at home or on the road on Friday nights, RFF will be uniting the Raptors fan community and bringing together fellow hardcore “fan-addicts” like ourselves to create a rowdy ACC upper-bowl type crowd at SCC! And like we always do, we’ll be featuring our specialty Raptors Republic bar games and contests, while giving away drinks and prizes and having a whole lotta fun causing a Raptors fan-style ruckus!

    This week the Raptors are playing their only Friday night West coast game of the season going up against the hard-luck Blake Griffin-less, the Baron Davis shot-chucking-mad, your good ol’ granddaddy’s ineptly dysfunctional… Los Angeles Clippers! (Sincerely, our hearts go out to our friends at ClipperBlog). So to go get things started for tonight’s game party, the first RFF challenge of the season is as follows: The first person who tells me to “Make Some Goddamn M*tha F***king LOUD CROWD NOISE!!!” will get a pitcher of my favorite beer! (BOH!)

    Fun times with goood friends is what Raptor Fan Fridays is all about.

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    I'll be there on Friday versus Miami.

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