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I think Hickson will get more than the MLE that the Raptors could offer him; a 24-year-old averaging 12-and-10 in less than 30 minutes should at the least command 6 or 7 million on the FA market (Currently at $4 million but obviously in line for a raise). I guess my problem with Hickson is that he's not necessarily good enough to be a big improvement over Amir. He doesn't really bring more experience or more youth than Amir. He brings a slightly, but not drastically different game, and it's hard to say whether one or the other is a better guy to have alongside JV. Having two Amir-type players isn't necessarily a bad thing, though.

I don't see any way the Raptors can really upgrade starting PF this year. I'm okay to roll with Amir another season, and try to find an interesting project with upside to put as third big.
Wouldn't you rather have two Amir's than one Amir?