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I didn't shit on him. I said he makes mistakes too, in reference to your reverence of him, period.
I don't think it's fair to call the Harden trade a mistake, because Presti knew perfectly well that he was gambling. He was specifically gambling that Harden had already hit his ceiling and that given more minutes would not turn into a superstar, and that he would get an equivalent return on Jeremy Lamb, our pick which became Steven Martin, and the Dallas pick OKC has forthcoming.

His return on the trade wasn't bad at all - Kevin Martin was a major factor in getting the team the #1 seed, Lamb shows signs of being a legit sixth man option or even a starting SG, Martin is impressing in summer league and hopefully will replace Kendrick Perkins in the long term, and the Dallas pick might show up as soon as this year if Dallas makes a good run (which they most likely won't, granted). So not the BEST payout, but far from a bad one.

And both Durant and Westbrook got better because they got the opportunity to use the looks which Harden was taking and they made the most of them, so there's a reasonable argument that Harden was superfluous on OKC because he excelled in Houston as the primary option who got the most looks, and as good as Harden is, he's not the primary option when you have Kevin Durant and never will be because Durant is simply better than Harden is.