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Young, yes. Neither have shown anything resembling exceptional talent though. DeRozan isn't going to improve by leaps and bouds anymore so outside of tightening up his game he is what we've seen so far. Ross still has the potential to be that guy you are referring to, but he didn't exactly grab the opportunitiy that was given to him last season. My hope lies more with Ross at this point, but he needs to show that he wants it. He's gotta go at DeRozan hard in practice and take the starting role from him.
What opportunity? Did I miss something? He struggled out the gate, then started adjusting quite well...then had like 3 bad games which coincided with the Gay trade, and got buried on the bench in favour of AA until the last 15ish games of the year.

He did fairly well in the stretches of the year where he saw regular minutes. He had obvious rookie struggles, but he also showed a good skill base, and freakish athleticism. I would say he did fine when given the opportunity...this was just inexplicably taken away from him at some point...Probably because Colangelo went to Casey and said "if you don't make the playoffs we'll both get fired", so Casey tried to play AA with that goal in mind.