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Thread: Changing Circumstances: A Tanking Argument

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    Quote hateslosing wrote: View Post
    Kevin Durant scores 28 points per game and Lebron averages 7.3 assists. Plus they have both done have PER's near at around 30. Paul George was 16.8 last season, lower than Gay's PER in Toronto (17.2). What I'm getting at is last year's Paul George was not a significantly better player than last year's Rudy Gay and if you look at the rest of that Pacers squad and look at our team today, the only glaring spot where they are better than us right now is center. Derozan is very different than Stevenson but i wouldn't say Stevenson is better, Lowry is better than George Hill, Amir Johnson is not as good as David West, especially on offense, but the gap isn't huge and Amir closes it a bit more every year. Depth-wise we have their old back power forward, and Novak and Ross should also work well.
    The only aspect where they may have a big advantage is coaching...

    So yah, I think we are Jonas becoming an all-star and Casey spontaneously becoming a great coach away from going deep into the playoffs with a similar model to the Pacers.
    Good post.

    I still disagree though but I've already said them all with the exception of Stephenson.

    This is another guy who knows his role and excels. Lock down defender, rebounds, creates, and when we are talking about improvement from deep he is showing REAL and MEASURABLE improvement year over year.

    Toronto's starting wings have nothing on Indiana's. Indiana's compliment each other and are both multidimensional two-way players, and both are just 23 vs. 24/27 when season rolls around.
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