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Thread: The Raptors and the Salary Cap/Luxury Tax

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    Default The Raptors and the Salary Cap/Luxury Tax

    Cap figures came out last night:

    Here is Raptors 2013-14 payroll via

    Raptors guaranteed total: $65.324M

    Raptors options total: $70.535M

    BUT BUT BUT That does not include Hansbrough so tack on reported $3M.

    $68.32M and $74.535M.

    What does this mean for Toronto?

    #1 Raps are over the salary cap.

    #2 They are a luxury tax team.

    #3 The Raptors tax bill or final payroll is not determined until the final regular season game of 13-14.

    #4 Current Depth Chart
    PG: Lowry, Stone
    SG: DD, Ross, Fields, Richardson
    SF: Gay, Novak, Kleiza
    PF: Amir, Hansbrough, Acy
    C: JV, Gray, Camby

    #5 See this post:

    #6 Raptors don't have to worry about spending the minimum 90% of soft cap ($52M).

    What is unknown:

    #1 Will Kleiza be amnestied?

    #3 Will Camby fork over some guaranteed money to secure his freedom and pursuit of a contender?

    EDIT: See phez's post:

    Will fix.

    EDIT 2: See post tkfu post below.

    Will fix.

    EDIT 3: See post below.

    Will fix.
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